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Sanguinololu 1.3a assembled, tested, AT1284, Ice-Blue Stepsticks, endstops, conns

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Our best-selling 3D printer controller, now available with our own Ice-Blue Stepstick high-power stepper drivers at a new low price!

The Sanguinololu is a complete electronics solution for driving your RepRap 3D printer, whatever the type - Prusa, MendelMax, Huxley, Mendel90, Repstrap, etc. These boards are version 1.3a, the latest version with support for the latest and most feature-rich firmware - Marlin. Marlin's extra features include the use of an LCD+card-reader+click-encoder combination for true stand-alone printing (as described on our blog and available here). The display+encoder combination also allows real-time alteration and saving of firmware settings - a significant advance in usability. To access these features with the Sanguinololu requires the ATmega 1284 chip because of the extra memory required.

Our boards are professionally assembled and fully tested, and we have sold hundreds of them on eMakershop, eBay and directly in bulk to major suppliers of complete RepRap kits.

We now fit our own Ice-Blue Stepstick stepper drivers which we developed as a high-performance low-cost alternative to the Black Pololus previously fitted. We have had these thermally tested (as described on our blog) which has confirmed that they perform as well or better than the Pololus. We supply heatsinks and thermal tape for them in case you want to run them at currents above 1.2 amps (not normally necessary on a typical RepRap).

Our board have been upgraded by fitting screw terminals and better MOSFETS for the hot-end and heat-bed to eliminate overheating issues with the original design.

For more information check out the RepRap wiki: Sanguinololu

Please note that our boards include not only the Sanguinololu but also all the female connector housings and crimp terminals, a heatsink for the heatbed MOSFET, and 3 endstops with cables - total extra value over £3.50. We also include heatsinks for the stepsticks, and thermal tape to fit them, at no extra cost.

This listing is for a 100% complete assembled solution, Sanguinololu with Ice-Blue Stepstick stepper drivers, professionally assembled, tested and guaranteed working on depatch.

The ATMEGA 1284P microprocessor comes pre-loaded with the bootloader and a standard Prusa Mendel configuration of the latest Marlin firmware, and is tested for correct operation. You can download Marlin from Github and customise it to your exact requirements using the freely available Arduino software. On request we will supply a brief HOWTO outlining the firmware upload procedure. Prusa has a good calculator for different hardware configurations here. These settings are easily changed to suit your printer configuration.

NOTE: Sanguinolulu Power Connection

The 12V connection to the Sanguinololu board needs to be able to carry sufficient current to run 5 motors, the hotend and a heated bed. We have found that the 4 pin ATX connector from a computer power supply is slightly underrated for the current drawn, and so longer offer thiis option. Instead all boards are supplied with a screw terminal connection. If you are using a PC power supply unit then we recommend you cut off all the plugs, shorten and insulate the unused 5v and other wires, and use at least 4 yellow +12V wires joined together, and a similar number of black GND wires, to supply the board.


Assembled boards include:

  • Assembled Sanguinololu with screw terminal power connector
  • Boards loaded with bootloader and Marlin firmware.
  • Fully tested using all the components of an assembled printer (Motors, hotend, heated bed, thermistors, endstops).
  • 3 mechanical endstop switches and cables for these.
  • Molex crimp connectors and housings for all connectors (X,Y,Z, Extruder, 3 endstops, 2 thermistors, hotend, heated bed)
  • Heatsink for heatbed MOSFET. This is supplied unfitted as it makes the package too tall.
  • Ice-Blue Stepstick drivers with the trim-pots pre-set for optimal settings for standard NEMA17 motors. Heatsinks are supplied, but are not mounted because they tend to get knocked off during unpacking.


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Getting Started

This is a summary of the steps required to get up and running:

  • Visit the reprap wiki, Sanguinololu page to  check out the wiring diagram.
  • Use the crimp connectors and housings to wire up your motors, hotend, heated bed, thermistors and endstops. There is an excellent video by Nophead on how to use the crimp connectors.
  • Install your host software. We recommend Printrun / Pronterface, but it will work fine with the other host software options; RepRap host, RepSnapper, ReplicatorG etc.
  • The firmware is configured for a standard Prusa Mendel. If you have a different setup then you will need to modify it as appropriate. On request we provide a summary HOWTO to help you with the firmware upload process. Please email us at if you would like a copy.
  • Connect to your printer using a standard USB A-B cable. If you are using Windows XP then you will need to load the FTDI drivers from the FTDI website. You should use 115200 baud initially as that is the speed we have set Marlin to. Check that you get communication with the printer - the command M105 will return the current temperatures being read from the thermistors.
  • Turn on your 12V power supply, try and move the X, Y, Z and extruder axis using your host software. Ensure your hotend and heated bed heats up, ensure the endstops work and stop the axis when triggered. If endstops are not fitted or incorrectly wired then the motors will not reverse.
  • Note that if you use the Sanguinololu to run a heated bed directly it will draw approx 10A through the heated bed MOSFET. Your power supply needs to be at least 300W, preferably 500W, to supply this. Check the 12V power rating, which need to be 16-20A.

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