Ready to use LM8UU ABS RepRap Prusa Mendel Parts cleaned/reamed

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All the plastic parts you will need to construct a metric RepRap Prusa Mendel, including a Wade extruder.
The Parts are already printed and ready to ship.
These parts come ready to use, as they have been cleaned, the holes have been drilled and pulleys have been reamed.
All the holders for the LM8UU bearings were carefully calibrated so that the bearings simply clip in with a tight fit.
No need for cable ties and the bearings can be inserted and removed without breaking the part.
If you have any questions about the parts please contact me.
I will also be there to help with any questions or issues during your build.
All parts are made from black ABS.
The printed parts are based mainly on the 2nd iteration Prusa Mendel.
Following Parts where used instead:
- x-carriage: this one instead:
- x-ends: these are based on the old ones, I just changed them to accept LM8UU bearings
- endstop-holder: comes with additional hole so you can mount mechanical or optical endstops
- belt-clamp: this one instead:
- y-axis bearing holders: these ones:
I will also include these Extra Parts as Spares:
+ 2x pulley
+ 1x drive-gear-wade
All these Parts were printed with a Prusa Mendel on a heated bed.
The gears and some small Parts were printed with 0.34 mm layers for better finish. The quality is good, hardly any lifting.
On Request:
- should you want a different version of one of the parts I'm sure it can be arranged, but will take a few days longer.
Shipping is not insured or with tracking, but very reliable.
For other shipping options please contact me.


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